We are specialized in Indian food. We have already gained reputation as the best Indian restaurant in all of Alabama. Guests love our food. Everything from our signature Chicken Tikka Masala to our popular Samosas, we have varieties of food that can make you sweat in spiciness and soothe in sweetness. From events as little as a team gathering to a grand wedding with more than 1000 guests, we have done it all and we have the reviews and testimonials to prove it. We have a specialized team of experts that are always available to discuss your catering needs.

Contact us today to set up your menu for your next special event. Our Catering Manager will be able to help you plan the perfect event, Enjoy the same mouth watering delicious taste that you have come to expect at our restaurant, now at your place. 



Live Catering

  • Minimum 50 Guests
  • Chef will be onsite for Two Hours.
  • Additional Hour $150

Onsite Dosa

We offer Live Dosa Counter with multiple types of Dosas made by our expert chefs on location. Contact us for the package prices.

Live Skewers Station

Sambar Soup, Tomato Soup, Veg Corn Soup, Chicken Sweet Corn Soup, and many more...


Box Lunches

  • Free Delivery for 20+ Box Lunches within 3 Miles.

Bawarchi Lunch Platter
Veg $9.50, Non-Veg $10.50

Platter served with Appetizer, Two Entrees, Basmati Rice, Half Naan and Dessert.

Bawarchi Biryani Platter
Veg $9, Chicken $10, Mutton $11

Bawarchi Biryani Served with Appetizer, One Entree, Half Naan and Dessert.


Special Events


We offer full range of catering services for large wedding events over multiple days. We send our experienced chefs and who are well versed in traditional recipes to meet your event needs.

Entertainment Events and Celebrations

We can cater for large Events like a Live Entertainment show or any special festive occasion. Contact us to take care of your special event needs.

Private Group Dining

For Parties of 30 or larger, we offer Set Menu Packages that will take away the hassle of ordering after you arrive and make your celebration memorable.



  • Prices are for 50 people & above
  • All extra items will be charged. Delivery & Setup Charge Extra.
  • Less than 50 People this package is not offerred, but menu is available for take-out orders tray wise.
  • We serve HALAL MEAT.
  • Additional $1 Extra – GOAT / PANEER
  • Additional $2 Extra - GOAT BONELESS / FISH, $3 Extra - SHRIMP


Silver Package
VEG / NON-VEG - $12

1 APPETIZER, 2 CURRIES,WHITE RICE,DUM BIRYANI (Veg/Chicken),SAMBAR / RASAM,BUTTER NAAN,DESSERT,RAITHA( Options- Fruit Custard/Shahi Tukda/ Gulab Jamun/Rasmalai)



Gold Package
VEG / NON-VEG - $15

2 APPETIZER, 2 CURRIES,DAL CURRY,WHITE RICE,DUM BIRYANI (Veg / Chicken), SAMBAR / RASAM, BUTTER NAAN,2 DESSERTS, PAPAD/COLOR CHIPS, RAITHA (*only 1 Paneer item with package) ( Options - Shahi Tukda/Gulab Jamun/Rasmalai Double ka Meetha/Gajar Ka Halwa)



Platinum Package
VEG / NON-VEG - $17

2 APPETIZER, 3 CURRIES,DAL CURRY,WHITE RICE, DUM BIRYANI (Veg / Chicken), SAMBAR / RASAM, BUTTER NAAN,2 DESSERTS,PAPAD/ COLOR CHIPS (*only 1 Paneer item with package) ( Options - Rice Kheer/Mango Fruit Custard/ Kesari Halwa/Mango Malai/Payasam/ Chakkara Pongal)



  • Prices are for 50 people & above
  • All extra items will be charged. Delivery & Setup Charge Extra.
  • Tax Applicable for all items
  • Deposit required for Chaffing Dishes


Gold Package

4 Types of DOSA- Plain Dosa, Onion Dosa, Masala Dosa,Mysore Masala Dosa,Idli,Medhu Vada,Chutney(Coconut & Tomato),Sambar,Dessert.



Platinum Package

6 Types of DOSA- Plain Dosa, Onion Dosa, Onion Chilli,Masala Dosa,Onion Masala,Mysore Masala Dosa,Idli,Medhu Vada,Pongal/Upma,Curd Rice,Chutney(Coconut&Tomato),Sambar,Dessert



Veg 55, Non-Veg 60

Add $15 for Lamb and Shrimp Dishes. For Samosa, Chicken Lollipop and Chilli Drums estimate 30 pieces per Small Tray.


Tandoor Sizzlers
Paneer $60, Chicken $65, Lamb/Shrimp $75

For Lamb Chops estimate 20 pieces per Small Tray. For Shrimp estimate 50 pieces per Small Tray.


Curry Entrees
Veg $55, Chicken $60, Lamb/Seafood $75


Veg $55, Chicken $60, Lamb/Seafood $70



Naan/Garlic Naan/Tandoori Roti (15ct) 30

Chapathi/Poori (20ct) $30

Basmati Rice $35

Pulav Rice $45