We are specialized in Indian food. We have already gained reputation as the best Indian restaurant in all of Alabama. Guests love our food. Everything from our signature Chicken Tikka Masala to our popular Samosas, we have varieties of food that can make you sweat in spiciness and soothe in sweetness.

From events as little as a team gathering to a grand wedding with more than 1000 guests, we have done it all and we have the reviews and testimonials to prove it. We have a specialized team of experts that are always available to discuss your catering needs.

Contact us today to set up your menu for your next special event. Our Catering Manager will be able to help you plan the perfect event.

Enjoy the same mouth watering delicious taste that you have come to expect at our restaurant, now at your place. Go ahead and throw that party that you have always wanted to have, now without worrying about how to feed your guests.

We offer multiple options including Party Trays to take to a party, Packed Lunch Boxes for Corporate setting, Live Onsite Catering, Buffet Catering, Set Menu's for large dinner parties.

Bawarchi Biryani Point specializes in catering for Weddings, Special Events and Large Gatherings(1000+). We will take your worry away about food and let you focus on celebrating the special occasion.

Onsite Dosa

We offer Live Dosa Counter with multiple types of Dosa made by our expert chefs on location. Contact us for package prices for this unique and tasty offering.

Onsite Chaat

We offer Live Chaat Counter with all types of Indian Chaat made by chefs on location. Contact us for package prices for this unique and tasty offering.
Please contact the Catering Manager at (205) 623-2074 to discuss personalized catering packages.


We offer full range of catering services for large wedding events over multiple days. We do send our chefs who are experienced and well versed in traditional recipes to meet your event needs.

Entertainment Events and Celebrations

Bawarchi has experience serving large gatherings during Entertainment Events and Special festival occasions. Contact us to take care of your special event needs.

Private Group Dining

For Parties of 30 or larger, We offer Set Menu Packages that will take away the hassle of ordering after you arrive and make your celebration memorable.

Please call us at 205-549-3374 or send us an email to info@bawarchibirmingham.com to talk to our catering specialist and give us the opportunity to make the event even more memorable.